(Co-operative Societies)

Roles of Registrar

Right from registration of the Co-operative Societies till its winding up, the Registrar acts as a friend, philosopher and guide for the Co-operative Societies to ensure that the Societies function in accordance with the provisions of Jharkhand Co-operative Societies Act,Rules,By-laws and Govt. policies. The orders of the Registrar are appealable u/s 65(A) of J.C.S. Act,1935.The main functions of the Registrar, Co-operative Societies are as under:-

  • Registration of Co-operative Societies.

  • Registration of amendments in the Bye-laws of Co-operative Societies.

  • Amalgamation, Division and re-organization of Co-operative Societies.

  • Conduct elections of Managing Committee in primary Co-operative Societies, central Co-operative   Societies and Apex Co-operative Societies.

  • Regulation of investment of funds by Co-operative Societies as per Act & Rules.

  • To conduct audit, inspection, enquiries and also fixing surcharge on negligent functionaries of    Co-operative societies.

  • To settle disputes of Co-operative Societies through the process of arbitration.

  • Function as an appellate court.

  • Enforcement/execution of orders, awards and decrees of various courts.

  • Order of winding up & cancellation of registration of defunct/non functional societies.

  • Operating Co-operative Education Fund for training ,education, propaganda and publicity programme for the development of Co-operative Movement in the Jharkhand State.

  • Issue instructions/directive for the promotion of business of different type of Co-operatives.

  • To frame,execute and monitor various beneficial schemes approved by the Central/State Govts.including financial assistance to various sectors of Co-operatives.


Types of Societies Registered by Registrar (C.S.)
Different Types of Societies which are Registered with Registrar (C.S.)
  1. Thrift and Credit Co-operative Society
  2. Central and Urban Co-operative Banks
  3. Industrial Co-operative society
  4. Labour & Construction Co-operative Society
  5. Consumers Co-operative Stores
  6. Marketing Co-operative Society
  7. Housing Co-operative Society
  8. Fishermen Co-operative Society
  9. Vegetable grower Co-operative Society
  10. Handicapped Co-operative Society
  11. Milk Producers' Co-operative Society
  12. Forest Labourers' Co-operative Society
  13. Lac producers' Co-operative Society
  14. Weaver's Cooperative Society


Contact Details
Registrar (Cooperative Societies)
Engineer's Hostel No. 2,
Near Dhurwa Golchakkar
Dhurwa Ranchi
Ph:  0651-2400490
Deputy Registrar
(Cooperative Societies)
M: +91-943 1344 452
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