Schemes and Programmes

Continuing Schemes
1. Integrated Co-operative Projects
The Scheme aims to strengthen, existing PACS / LAMPS as multipurpose entities and to improve existing Co-operative structure. The financial assistance is provided to the Co-operative societies through state government in the form of loan as well as subsidy after being financed by NCDC. This will increase production of agricultural and allied secto

2. Managerial subsidy to Co-operatives :
There are 474 LAMPS and 858 PACS in the State. In addition to the above at present there are about 6000 special type of societies. Managrial subsidy will help these societies to employ qualified managers for better management of the societies, this will help in fullfiling the objective of the co-operative movement.

3. National Agricultural Insurance Scheme
This scheme aims at providing financial security to farmers. Crop insurance scheme is being implemented for the welfare of the farmers as per the direction of the Government of India since Kharif -2001. All loanee and non-loanee farmers are the beneficiaries of this Scheme. State Government contributes its share as subsidy for premium, indemnity as well as other administrative charges.

4. Strengthening of Credit Structure
Co-operative credit plays a vital role in fulfilling the agricultural credit needs of farmers. Co-operative Banks are the backbone of co-operative movement as well as co-operative credit structure. The State has launched Mukhya Mantri Kisan Credit Card Yojana from year 2011-12. under this scheme interest subsidy is provided to those farmers, who repayes loans in time.

5. Infrastructure for primary Co-operative Societies and Regional Offices
In order to get better result, good working condition is a necessity. There is an urgent need to construct Office cum Godown building in every PACS/LAMPS/VMSS, storage facility for Seeds, Fertilizers, Work sheds in Industrial Societies, Marketing infrastructure and office building for field offices, at the same time improvment and strengthening of existing infrastructure.

6. Processing Units in Co-operative Societies
During 11th five year plan period Mini Rice Mills and other processing units have been setup in few co-operative societies. To assists farmers in getting better return value addition before their product reaches market is must. Hence establishment of food processing and other processing units at society level is must. In view of this assistance for setting up processing units in co-operative societies in large number is proposed in 12th five year plan.

7. Grant to Co-operative Training Centres
At present there are two Co-operative Training Centers at Ranchi and Deoghar in the State. These impart training to Junior Co-operative Officers, Office Bearers and Employees of different co-operative societies in the state. There is urgent need to construct one State Level Co-operative Training Centre with training facility to senior & junior co-operative officers and elected office bearers of societies.

8. Share Capital Contribution and subsidy/grant to PACS/LAMPS/VMSS
State Government provides financial assistance to PACS/LAMPS/VMSS in the form of share capital contribution and subsidy/grant to enable them to undertake business of fertilizers, seeds, other agriculture inputs etc.

9. Share Capital Contribution and Subsidy /Grant to Special type of Co-operative Societies for the Welfare of ST/SC/ OBC and Women.
In the state, there are many special types of co-operative societies, which works specially for the welfare of SC/ST/OBC/Women. These societies are not in a position to progress at their own due to paucity of funds. The State Government, therefore, assists them by way Share Capital Contributionand grant/subsidy.

10. Share Capital Contribution to JASCOLAMPF, VEGFED and JHAMCOFED.
The Jharkhand State Co-operative Lac Marketing and Procurement Federation Limited (JASCOLAMF) and The Jharkhand State Vegetable Co-operative Marketing Federation (VEGFED) are the apex cooperative institutions of the State and they are doing procurement, processing, value addition and marketing of Lac and vegetables respectively. Jharkhand State Minor Forest Produce Co-operative Development and Marketing Federation Limited (JHAMCOFED) is also an apex co-operative institution to be registered soon as per the decision taken by the State Government and will undertake procurement, processing, value addition and marketing of minor forest produce. State Govt. provides Share Capital Contribution to these State Level Federations.

11. Share Capital contribution to District Central Co-operative Banks and Jharkhand State Co-operative Bank:
As per the advice of the Reserve Bank of India a sum of rupees 4100 Lakh is being proposed as share capital contribution to District Central Co-operative Banks for strengthening their share capital base and to enable them to come out of section 11 (1) of Banking Regulation Act, 1949 (as applicable to co-operative societies). Development Action Plan is being prepared by the District Central Co-operative Banks for the same. The newly organized Jharkhand State Co-operative Bank shall be provided Share Capital to increase its networth.

New Schemes
1. Integrated Co-operative Development Project (ICDP)
As per the policy of the State Government five new selected districts namely Bokaro, Khunti, Ramgadh, Gumla & Simdega will be covered under NCDC aided Integrated Co-operative Development Project.

2. Self supporting Co-operative Societies under NCDC aided scheme:
1.4 This scheme aims at development of Horticulture, Agriculture, Dairy and Poultry and generation of self employment for weaker sections through self supporting co-operative societies under NCDC aided schemes.

3. Swawlambi Gram Yojana:
1.5 This scheme intends to develop the socio-economic activities in selected villages of selected districts on a composite basis through multipurpose co-operative societies. Under this scheme, training for skill up gradation and managerial support will be provided by the State Govt.

A sum of Rs. 73000 lakhs has been earmarked for Tribal Sub Plan out of total proposed outlay of Rs. 145195 lakhs during 12th Plan.
A sum of Rs. 18500 lakhs has been earmarked for Tribal Sub Plan out of total proposed outlay of Rs. 36225 lakhs during Annual Plan 2012-13.

A sum of Rs. 29000 lakhs has been earmarked for Special Component Sub Plan out of total proposed outlay of Rs. 145195 lakhs during 12th Plan. A sum of Rs. 7300 lakhs has been earmarked for Special Component Sub Plan out of total proposed outlay of Rs. 36225 lakhs during Annual Plan 2012-13.